Ya'at'eeh! ("Greetings" in Navajo)


Legend has it that the Southwest Native American Indians would dance, rejoice, and weep when the elusive rains came. Their tears of joy mixed with the precious rains and seeped into Mother Earth to become "Sky Stone", otherwise known as turquoise. Hence, the name of this collection!


The Sky Stone Collection features one-of-a-kind leather cuff bracelets adorned with repurposed "dead pawn" jewelry pieces that have been handcrafted by the Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi Indians. We at Roca Jewelry Designs search high and low for these amazing, vintage jewelry items which include bolos, bracelets, rings, pendants, brooches, earrings and barrettes to convert into unique focal pieces. Each handmade bracelet holds it's own piece of history and seems to tell its own unique story! No two bracelets are alike, and they can not be replicated.


Many of the bracelets in this collection incorporate vintage western belts for the leather cuffs, often with wonderfully worn, intricately tooled designs. Reconditioned reins and harness leather full of weathered character and rich patinas are also used for the cuffs.


Recycled leathers, hand-forged silver, and natural gemstones form an irresistable partnership in these fabulous heirloom bracelets!