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It all started with one bead!


Rich and luminous, the Ambrosia Collection features finely crafted beads imported from the beautiful, bolcanic islands of Greece. The fabulous, organic shapes and molten-like textures of these handmade treasures caught our attention while we were visiting the Greek Islands several years ago. We instantly fell in love with the breathtaking simplicity, unusual contours, and astonishing  heft  of  the  beads.  A vision  for  our  very first jewelry collection quickly took shape, and upon our return to the states, Roca Jewelry Designs was born!

These extraordinary beads are cast of a base metal alloy, dipped in copper, and then plated with either fine silver or 24 kt. gold. Accessorized with other natural elements such as genuine leather, linen, semi-precious gemstones, and pearls, each jewelry piece is a unique fusion of shape, color, and texture that is stunning, yet unpretentious. The Ambrosia Collection is designed for the casual lifestyle in mind, providing every day “staple” jewelry pieces to be worn again and again at home or in the workplace.

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