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It's all about the rock!


Chunky agates, sparkling spinel, opalescent moonstones, and finely faceted aquamarines are only a few of the stones featured in the Della Terra Collection. The jewelry designs are an exquisite compilation of metals, leather, crystals, rhinestones and semi-precious gemstones.

Every piece in this collection is slightly different due to the natural inclusions  and  variance of colors and shapes of the stones that are hand-picked to complement each design. As designer, Jill delights in these natural variations and believe that they only add to the unique character and beauty of each individual piece. Often, the designs themselves are inspired by the richly colored, hand-cut gemstones for which we search around the globe. 

Jewelry pieces from the Della Terra Collection are “eye candy” that command attention. They are glamorous while maintaining a sense of wearability: perfectly dazzling with your “little black dress”, or deliciously chic with your favorite pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Evidence of this design balance can be seen in the collection’s signature piece, the multi-wrap leather and gemstone bracelet.

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