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Precious Metal Clay - unlimited possibilities!


The Simply Sterling Collection is our most recent line of jewelry. We recently discovered the wonderous world of precious metal clay, and our creative juices have been flowing ever since!


The pieces included in this collection are completely designed and handmade by us and are 960 sterling silver. Each unique piece is hand formed using a myriad of stamping, etching, texturing, and molding techniques, They are then kiln fired, oxidized,  tumbled, and hand polished. The PMC process also allow us the versatility to fashion our own finding and components to match our one-of-a-kind design concepts!

Many of our handmade sterling creations are accented with semi-precious gemstones, unusual beads, leathers, and linens, and some are hammered and manipulated after firing. Several of our designs also include a heat fused layer of 22 kt. gold to accent detailed elements. Each piece exhibits unique characteristics due to the hand construction and kiln-firing process used to create them, so no two are ever quite alike which further adds to their allure - and our delight!

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