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It's all about "the rock"!

Roca is a Spanish word that means "rock" which was the name inspiration for Roca Jewelry Designs when it began 10 years ago. Every jewelry piece from Roca utilizes natural elements from the earth, from precious metals and natural fibers to semi precious gemstones and shells from the sea. So, the name just seemed to fit!

It is these natural jewels that define the individual character of each unique piece that is designed and handcrafted solely by artist, Jill Judd,  Jill's creative style utilizes clean lines, geometric shapes, and interesting textures to enhance the organic beauty of the extraordinary gemstones and precious metals which are at the center of her work. Her style is simple, yet complex in its aesthetic appeal, and her jewelry reflects a personal commitment to design sophisticated, wearable art that is chic, yet unpretentious.

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As all jeweler's are aware, the selection of superb materials is synonymous with a fine finished product. Jill combines natural stones, semi-precious gems, crystals, and pearls with a variety of precious and plated metals that are accessorized with natural silks, linens, and vintage leathers. She carefully searches for and selects all of the components used in each piece. Each item is then artfully assembled employing a variety of innovative metal forging, soldering, molding, stamping, wire wrapping, knotting, and beading techniques. A self confessed "jewelry junky", Jill also loves to find unusual, vintage jewelry pieces to "repurpose" into her one-of-a-kind designs. 

Jewelry pieces from Roca Jewelry Designs are not mass produced, and Jill prides herself on designing unique pieces for each and every one of her customers. Her pieces evolve with the seasons, with new design inspirations, and upon artist "whimsy"! Check in often to see what's new and upcoming with Roca Jewelry Designs, or if you're lucky enough to be in her neck of of the woods, stop by for a visit at Jill's quaint little work studio/retail shop in Dubois, Wyoming! 

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Jill is an artist, a gardener, an outdoor recreationalist, a business owner, and above all else, a mother and grandmother! She is also an enthusiastic community volunteer, having served on countless committees and non-profit boards throughout her years in the small rural town of Dubois, Wyoming. Currently, she is serving her third term as a trustee of the local school board, a testament to her love of children and public education. Jill is driven by her love for family, her commitment to community, and her need for artistic expression.


Roca Jewelry Designs was started in 2012 when Jill became an "empty nester" and was finally afforded the time to seriously engage in latent creative pursuits. The melding of her business experience, creative vision, and artistic talent resulted in her first line of handmade, artisan jewelry pieces and the birth of Roca Jewelry Designs! An old storage shed outside her home became her work area. Over the years and after several remodels, "the shed" has evolved into a modest, yet delightful work studio and retail space nestled among towering cottonwoods and the meandering Wind River that flows nearby.

As the studio grew, so did Jill's jewelry making expertise! As a self taught artist, Jill has learned almost all of her jewelry fabrication skills through experimentation and lots of trial and error. Jill's jewelry making began with beading and wire wrapping skills. She then discovered the realm of Precious Metal Clay which greatly expanded her creative fabrication ability. Following her last remodel, Jill finally had the space to enter into the exciting and expansive world of silversmithing which has now become her passion! Her jewelry now exhibits an eclectic melding of all of these learned techniques which defines her own unique style.

The word "jewelry" originated from the French word "joaillerie" which means joy and gladness! To that end, it is Jill's utmost desire to create jewelry that brings happiness to those that wear it, and contributes in some small way to that which is beautiful and meaningful in today's mysterious and chaotic world.

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