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The Artists behind Roca Jewelry Designs

Sisters, Jill Judd and Samantha Cadenhead.


We moved to Wyoming from Pennsylvania with our family when we were young teenagers (too many years ago!). Growing up, raising two precious families, and living most of our lives in beautiful, rural Wyoming has been a powerfully authentic experience for both of us. This is clearly reflected in the organic elegance of our jewelry which is delightfully chic, yet unpretentious - just like the people that live in Wyoming!


Roca Jewelry Designs was started in 2012 when we found that our lives as "empty nesters" finally allowed us the time to seriously engage in latent creative pursuits. The melding of our individual visions and artistic talents resulted in our first line of handmade, artisan jewelry pieces and the birth of Roca Jewelry Designs! Designed and handcrafted solely by ourselves, our unique collection of eclectic jewelry and accessories includes handmade bracelets, statement necklaces, and unusual earrings that reflect our commitment to designing sophisticated wearable art that somehow fits our simple western lifestyle.

Jill resides in the very small town of Dubois, Wyoming in what is known as the “Valley of the Warm Winds”. Her home and jewelry work studio are nestled among tall cottonwoods near the meandering Wind River. Sam lives 90 miles west in the lovely town of Jackson Hole beneath the magnificent and towering Teton Mountain Range.

As sisters, we are joined by blood, lifetime experiences, and our commitment to family. As business partners, we are joined by our artistic passion for exceptional jewelry and fashion design. And as women, we are joined by our endless desire to contribute to that which is beautiful, honest, and worthwhile in a mysterious and chaotic world.


Welcome to Roca Jewelry Designs!

Our jewelry pieces range from bold, chunky necklaces to leather wrapped bracelets dotted with sparkling stones. Our unusual earrings range from delicate pearl drop earrings to large gold hoops lined with gemstone nuggets! Each piece that we create at Roca Jewelry Designs is a unique fusion of shape, color, and texture.


We love to combine natural stones, semi-precious gems, crystals, and pearls with a variety of precious and plated metals that are often accessorized with natural silks, linens, and leathers. Each piece is artfully assembled using our own innovative wire wrapping, knotting, molding, and metal forging techniques. Self confessed "jewelry junkies", we also love to find unusual, vintage jewelry pieces to "repurpose" into one-of-a-kind designs. In addition, handmade gifts and jewelry accessories are available as well as a whimsical collection of vintage treasures.


Our pieces seem to constantly evolve with the seasons, new design inspirations, and our ever shifting moods. As artisan jewelry designers, we are constantly creating new jewelry items, and you will find our newest pieces showcased in the unique, handmade jewelry collections on this website at and in our Etsy Shop at Check in often to see what's new and upcoming with Roca Jewelry Designs, or visit us at our little work studio/retail shop in Dubois, Wyoming!

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