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Triple Stacked Silver and Gold Pendant on Leather - Unusual Leather Necklace - Greek Disc Beads - Mixed Metal Pendant
This unique silver and gold pendant necklace features organically shaped cornflake beads plated in both fine silver and 24kt gold. These hand cast beads, in three different shapes and sizes, are artfully stacked on top of one another. The mixed metal pendant dangles underneath a silver metallized crow bead on a round leather cord (metallic kansa shown). The clasp is a silver toggle. This pendant necklace is a classic piece that will compliment your other jewelry pieces, whether they are silver or gold!
Like the other leather cord necklaces that are offered in out Ambrosia Collection, this necklace is offered in several different leather colors and in two different lengths. Please specify necklace length and preferred leather color when ordering.
Metal Type: Cast metal plated in 24 kt. gold and fine silver
Bead Style: Small and medium cornflake beads, metallized crow bead
Width: 1" 
Length: 16" or 18"
Stringing Material: 1mm genuine round leather cord
The wavy "cornflake" discs used in this unique necklace are Roca Jewelry Designs' signature beads that we import from Greece. These fabulous, irregular shaped beads are hand cast from a metal alloy, dipped in copper, and then plated in fine silver or 24 kt. gold. They possess a magnificent heft as well as an unusual texture that lends to them an organic appeal. Available in different sizes, metal platings, and patinas, we find many uses for them throughout our Ambrosia Collection.
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Triple Stacked Silver and Gold Pendant on Leather - Unusual Leather Necklace - G

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