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Stacked like little pancakes, these whimsical pearl and silver earrings feature chunky beads of plated fine silver with gold plated washers and luminous, Swarovski jade pearls. The earring wires are sterling silver. A charming mixture of textures, shapes, and metals!
Also available with Swarovski white pearls, green pearls, turquoise pearls, lapis pearls, and coral pearls.

The chunky "cornflake" beads used in these unique earrings are one of the Ambrosia Collection's signature beads that we import from Greece. These fabulous, irregular shaped beads are hand cast from a metal alloy, dipped in copper, and then plated in fine silver. They possess a magnificent heft as well as an unusual texture that lends to them an organic appeal. Available in different sizes, metal platings, and patinas, we find many uses for them throughout the Ambrosia jewelry line.

Metal Type: Cast metal beads plated in fine silver and 24 kt. gold
Bead Style: Little chunk cornflake beads, round washers
Gemstone/Pearl: Jade Swarovski pearls
Width: 1/2″
Length: 1″

Silver Chunk Earrings with Jade Pearl

SKU: 229132935
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