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A vibrant turquoise and sterling silver piece takes center stage in this one of a kind leather cuff bracelet. The little heart shaped stone is Turquoise Mountain Turquoise and is a gorgeous green with lots of honey brown matrix. It is set in a plain sterling silver bezel surrounded by a hammered rope border with a floral-like detail at the top. The rich, coffee brown leather cuff was created from a refurbished vintage rein that features darkened edges and a marvelous, well worn patina. The leather is very soft and supple from lots of use and is extremely comfortable to wear. The cuff fastens with a button stud closure and will fit a wrist that measures in the 6 1/2" range. This handmade leather cuff is sweet and charming - a special piece for a special someone!

Leather Type: Vintage bridle leather
Metal: Sterling silver
Gemstone: Turquoise Mountain turquoise
Artist Hallmark/Signature: Roca
Cuff Width: 5/8"
Dimensions of Centerpiece: 7/8" x 7/8"
Fits Wrist Size: 6 1/2"

Rich leathers, hand-forged sterling silver, and natural gemstones form an irresistible partnership in these extraordinary heirloom cuff bracelets! Most of the one-of-a-kind cuff centerpieces are exclusively designed and created by Jill Judd of Roca Jewelry Designs, while others feature antique, "dead pawn" jewelry pieces handcrafted by the Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi Indians. We at Roca Jewelry Designs search high and low for the finest of stones to incorporate into our cuff centerpieces as well as for special, vintage Native American-made jewelry items (bolos, rings, pendants, etc.) to repurpose into unusual focal adornments.

To create the cuff portion of our bracelets, we painstakingly source, recycle, and refurbish vintage leathers from wherever we can find them! Old western belts with wonderfully worn, intricately tooled designs are used for many of the larger cuffs, while smaller bracelets are created using well-used, reconditioned reins and harness leathers. Each handmade leather cuff bracelet possesses its own distinctive character and seems to tell its own unique story - no two are alike, nor can they be replicated!

Leather Cuff with Sterling Silver and Turquoise Mountain Turquoise Heart

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